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"Work Your Magic"

8 Week Coaching Program

1-on-1 (Individual) Attention Coaching

This Program Is For You If You Need To:

  • CREATE achieveable goals for yourself,

  • DEFINE what makes you unique/different/special/worth it,

  • IMPROVE your ability to think positive and to focus, 

  • UNDERSTAND your personal value in your company/community/life,

  • DISCOVER why you are indeed important,

  • INCREASE your personal influence,

  • LEARN to network and valuable create human connections,

  • COMMUNICATE clearly why you are the perfect choice to connect/work with.


Concept: You have been gifted this amazing ability...this unique MAGIC that helps you produce the results you most desire. By discovering your MAGIC and learning to work it, you'll be able ot exert power, influence, and charm in your most desired areas.


How It Works:

  • 8 weeks of online coaching sessions; 1 session per week

  • Personal sessions are done via skype or facetime

  • Each session varies in time; plan to spend 45-60 minutes in each session


Basic Program Outline:

  • Session 1, Week 1: Kickoff Session!

  • Session 2, Week 2: M: Mastering Your Mindset

  • Session 3, Week 3: A: Adjusting Your Attitude

  • Session 4, Week 4: G: Generating Your Growth

  • Session 5, Week 5: I: Increasing Your Influence

  • Session 6, Week 6: Capitalizing On Your Connections

  • Session 7, Week 7: Implementation and Growth Assessment 

  • Session 8, Week 8: Wrap Up, Feedback, Questions


Bonus Features:

  • Unlimited access to Victory via social media AND email

  • Immediate access to the #RockYourOwnWorld community on facebook

  • Downloadable worksheets to guide you through each week's activities and assignments

  • Detailed "Action Plan" items for you to complete each week for continued growth

  • And more!


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