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I have been in the front of the boardroom and on a stage with 1000 eyes on me.

I have felt the pressure of a live camera.

I know how to handle the pressure of a panel interview.

If you're ready to take the leap and seriously improve your communication skills, let's connect today:

SKILLS we can focus on:

- Media training: preparing you to tackle TV interviews for your company or yourself

- Public speaking training: Giving a speech at an upcoming event? Maybe you have a work presentation coming up?

- Interview skills: Prepare to ace your job/academic/tv interviews

HOW we work together (some of the options):

  • Most popular: One-on-one session, 30 minutes, online via video chat

  • Very popular: Video coaching

    • You submit a video of your work (i.e. elevator pitch) and I record comments/feedback directly on the video​

  • One-on-one session, one hour, in person

  • Group workshop at your place of work (i.e. we can make this an interactive workshop OR I can give the keynote!)

OR create a package! For example:

  • Start with your video (so we get a baseline of where we are starting) then do 5 online sessions

  • Create your own package based on your needs!

Some ideas for our time together:

- Creating your elevator pitch

- Revising your mission statement, values, and vision

- You bring the presentation, let's master the delivery 

- Discovering your message

- Improving your communication skills (inflection, tone, enunciation, body language etc)

- Resume editing/mock interviews for a job or media interview

Basic Process:

- First consult: general assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, understanding your needs, creating your personal training/coaching plan

- Second session (and beyond): we spend each session developing your skills. We celebrate your victories and make a plan of attack for things you could improve upon. You will leave each session with a detailed list of things to work on before our next session.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

That's up to you. During your first consult, we will complete an assessment. You will get my honest feedback and we will decide on how many sessions you want and can do.

If you honestly need one session, we will book one session. I'm not setting up 10 sessions for no reason; there is no "hustling you" here. We work around your schedule and your personal needs. 

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