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"It's Glow Time Baby!"

8 Week Coaching Program

1-on-1 (Individual) Attention Coaching

This Program Is For You If You Need To:

  • DISCOVER your personality type,

  • CLARIFY what is most important to you,

  • IDENTIFY personal values

  • UNDERSTAND who you are.


Concept: The more we understand who we are, what is important to us, and what we like or dislike, the more we can:

  • CONFIDENTLY speak about ourselves,

  • DESIGN a life that we love,

  • LIVE authentically,

  • MARKET ourselves and what makes us amazing,

  • ROCK our own world!


GLOW is defined as:

  • a steady radiance of light,

  • a strong feeling of pleasure or well-being,

  • a feeling of deep satisfaction and the ability to convey it through one's expression and bearing,

  • having an intense color and slight shine!


How It Works:

  • 8 weeks of online coaching sessions; 1 session per week

  • Personal sessions are done via skype or facetime

  • Each session varies in time; plan to spend 45-60 minutes in each session


Basic Program Outline:

  • Session 1, Week 1: Kickoff Session!

  • Session 2, Week 2: Personality Types

  • Session 3, Week 3: Defining What is Important and How To Make It Happen

  • Session 4, Week 4: Speaking Confidently About Who You Are

  • Session 5, Week 5: Marketing Yourself/Getting Out There

  • Session 6, Week 6: Mindset Mastery

  • Session 7, Week 7: Rock Your Own World

  • Session 8, Week 8: Wrap Up, Feedback, Questions


Bonus Features:

  • Unlimited access to Victory via social media AND email

  • Immediate access to the #RockYourOwnWorld community on facebook

  • Downloadable worksheets to guide you through each week's activities and assignments

  • Detailed "Action Plan" items for you to complete each week for continued growth

  • And more!


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